Imaginnovate names 10-year Logistics executive as a senior advisor

Kyler Ford named as Senior Advisor for Logistics Studio

Bentonville, AR, JUNE 9, 2022- Software innovator Imaginnovate today appointed Kyler Ford as a senior advisor, to provide long term strategic guidance to its new Logistics Studio business unit, after spending a decade in freight technology uncovering large technology gaps within the transportation and logistics industry.

"Kyler is a leader in marketing logistics and transportation technology," said Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli. "With his industry knowledge, he looks to help identify consistent pain points that Logistics Studio solves for brokers, carriers and 3PL's."

Imaginnovate said Mr. Ford would act as an advisor as needed while retaining his executive position at Trucker Tools. That company provides load tracking and freight matching for the trucking industry. Imaginnovate customizes end-to-end automation platforms for operators in the logistics and transport sector.

Mr. Ford said he's joining Imaginnovate because of its broad reach in logistics technology. "They serve the logistics and transport sector as a whole," he said. "Imaginnovate through its Logistics Studio has the ability to provide support to an underserved market that requires a great deal of technology customization but doesn't always have the resources to act."

Mr. Ford praised Imaginnovate for automating troublesome freight-hauling processes such as pricing or document digitizing. He also said the company stands out for providing technical support to clients short on IT staff. "Logistics Studio provides people to leverage technology instead of head count," Mr. Ford explained. "Logistics Studio doesn't replace people, it empowers them to do more."

After a decade in sales and business development management, Mr. Ford said he foresees consolidation in the logistics market. He said technology infrastructure would help competitors survive."I've spent significant time meeting with many of the top transportation and logistics companies throughout North America," said Mr. Ford. "It is clear that both asset and non-asset companies could greatly benefit from the flexibility that Imaginovate can provide through Logistics Studio."

Imaginnovate last month introduced a Logistics Studio for the industry. Its engineers collaborate with clients to develop software that can automate back office and operational processes. The Logistics Studio is the latest rollout for Imaginnovate which introduced Fleet Enable, a final mile tech platform, last fall. Logistics Studio works exclusively with the transport and logistics sector, thereby maintaining industry expertise. Logistics Studio builds digital software solutions such as carrier relationship management systems, dynamic pricing engines, and carrier relationship management.

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