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The Imaginnovate team has more than 25 collective years of experience in the transportation and logistics industries. We have the industry knowledge it takes to understand our clients problems quickly and then find or develop the right technological solutions, serving as both IT staff augmentation and as true 3PL, last-mile carrier and trucking company consultants.

In the transportation and logistics industry, digital transformation is critical to facilitate growth and Imaginnovate’s custom solutions help companies grow at scale.

Supply Chain Visibility

From manufacturing and demand planning processes to delivery at the door, supply chain visibility can make or break a business. Modern transportation and logistics enterprises invest in freight visibility technology to find and address disruptions and eliminate repetitive manual labor.

Mobile apps for load tracking and check call reduction are just one option. Imaginnovate has also built custom software solutions for fleet tracking and route optimization and asset management and movement. With the right technology strategy and tools, our clients have improved their procurement and asset planning processes and built a more resilient supply chain.

Business Process Automation

When margins are slim, maintaining tight cost controls becomes mandatory. With automation, you can standardize output, mitigate risk and eliminate waste. Are you looking to add digital freight matching to your toolbox or automate rates or RFPs? Or do you simply need a solution to stay current with new technology updates? When you partner with Imaginnovate, we’ll take the time to understand your needs—from outdated, legacy systems to simple lack of bandwidth—and develop custom automation solutions that will put time back in the day and funds back on the bottom line.

Logistics Operation Technology

Whether your employees are behind the wheel or behind a desk, your people are your most valuable asset. Give them the tools they need to be successful. Our team of developers, problem solvers and integration strategists can optimize your underutilized or outdated Transportation Management Systems or build a custom TMS that better serves your technology strategy. 

We’ve developed a variety of custom software products that have helped our transportation and logistics clients improve operations, including:

Document Management
Load Boards
Routing Guide
Route Optimization & Planning

Last Mile and Customer Experience

Customer expectations are higher than ever in today’s world, and brand loyalty is as valuable as it has ever been. Real-time tracking, on-demand customer service and fast delivery are table stakes. One study found that customer experience will soon overtake price and product quality as a key brand differentiator. That means that companies are working hard and making investments to boost customer satisfaction. Imaginnovate can help.
Our custom tech solutions help improve customer experiences at every touchpoint, from e-commerce ordering to last-mile delivery programs. For the final mile carrier, Fleet Enable can help you deliver better. With the fleet enable software solution, you can automate manual processes, optimize your white glove delivery services and focus on the customer experience.

Intelligent Dashboards

Data is critical in the transportation and logistics industries. It drives everything we do and how we plan for the future, and it’s necessary to creating and evaluating KPIs.

Imaginnovate can create intelligent dashboards that utilize TMS, ERP and WMS integration to get all your data in one place in real-time to allow for smarter, faster, more agile decision making. We can help identify areas that require attention through our intensive discovery process, gather the data you need and ensure that it’s easy to interpret for decision-makers from the C-Suite to the warehouse floor.

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