Our Story

Founded in 2013, Imaginnovate quickly grew from a single client and a single developer to a full-service digital solution, strategy, and development team. We are inspired by the evolution of technology and the pursuit of innovation, while being grounded in a passion for potential applications within today’s supply chain industry.

In working with some of the industry’s biggest names, we’ve had the opportunity to encounter unique circumstances, tackle groundbreaking projects and develop a deep understanding of the particular struggles many transportation and logistics industry technology projects face.

Today Imaginnovate’s work for the transportation and logistics industry has touched the entire supply chain with solutions including:

Route Optimization
Capacity Management
Load Management
Fleet Optimization
Routing & Scheduling
Rate Prediction
and more..!

Our Process

Imaginnovate’s process begins with a discovery sprint. Our team engages the client, listening to the issues they face, asking questions to dig down to the root of their problems, and interviewing stakeholders and actual software/app users to truly understand our clients’ needs.

From there, we work to create a digital strategy and translate that to a technology roadmap to provide our clients with a way forward. In this way, we’re not simply a design or development firm, we’re an end-to-end solutions provider. Our goal is always to give our clients the guidance they need to implement the best technology strategy for their unique situation.

With a solution planned and our strategy in place, we enter the design and development sprint. Throughout each step in our process, we work to keep stakeholders up to date. Once the program is built, we implement it, integrating with other systems as necessary.

Here at Imaginnovate, we know that implementing new systems can be tricky. That’s why we provide support and training to help our clients get new solutions off the ground. We also offer maintenance services to ensure that everything evolves alongside your technology and user needs. Need to support continuous improvement? We’ll turn ongoing user and stakeholder feedback into a system that gets the job done and exceeds expectations.

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Our Technologies

From MVP to one million plus users, our goal is always to give you the best technology strategy for your unique situation. Have something specific in mind? We are dedicated to continuously improving our technology expertise. We build the solutions using following technologies:



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