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Will last-mile providers survive a record peak season?

DEC. 2, 2021

This year’s peak season is proving to be one of unprecedented challenges for providers of “big and bulky” last-mile delivery services, who are struggling with capacity issues amid soaring demand. What’s the outlook?

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Imaginnovate CEO to logistics pros: Automate to Grow

Software leader joining TIA panel, calling for tech roadmap for brokers

A leading technology executive is preaching digital automation here today as the key to survival for logistics companies. Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli will join a panel discussing tech strategies for brokers at the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) Conference. His message to them: create a technology roadmap to overcome unreliable supply chains and withering competition.
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Imaginnovate’s 10th anniversary vow: 70 percent staff growth

Logistics software expert to employ nearly 400 though tech sector declines

Logistics technology specialist Imaginnovate today promised 70 percent staff growth in 2023 while commemorating its 10th anniversary. The software and artificial intelligence innovator declared it would expand from 220 employees to nearly 400 by year-end.
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Imaginnovate creates Data Science unit for logistics sector

Goal is to build resilient supply chains with Machine Learning and AI

Logistics technology creator Imaginnovate today introduced a new business unit enabling organizations to build resilient supply chains and predict their outcomes. Imaginnovate said its Data Science Services group would provide analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions to logistics companies. It said the new group was created partly in response to supply chain problems surfaced by the recent Covid-19 pandemic.
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2023 Transportation & Logistics Technology Trends

Key Trends Reshaping Transportation and Logistics in 2023

The supply chain has experienced more changes in the past year than ever expected while driving technology forward to meet new demands head-on. This rapid growth has driven freight technology trends, so we’re going to look at freight tech changes you can expect to see in 2023 so you’re prepared to adopt new tech into your business.
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Logistics Studio’s new automation target: pricing

Dynamic Pricing Engine shapes rates for freight haulers, brokers

Logistics studio, an innovator in logistics technologies announced today it has automated shipment pricing to bolster freight markets in a challenging downturn. The software creator said its new Dynamic Pricing Engine would shape rate-making decisions for carriers and brokers. It added that the latest automation tool could help those engaged in freight hauling shore up profitability.
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Imaginnovate: Logistics M&A opens new role for tech firms

Software leader sees growing demand for help in unifying systems

Logistics automation expert Imaginnovate said today that supply chain consolidation is driving its business in new directions. The technology innovator said intense logistics sector M&A activity has created demand for systems integration consultants. The result is expanded opportunity for firms such as Imaginnnovate looking to build on their software development heritage.
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Imaginnovate to triple tech workforce by next spring

Response to the need for digital solutions in logistics industry


Software creator Imaginnovate is hiring 200 additional developers to address tech talent shortfalls in the logistics industry. The logistics technology innovator said today it would grow from 100 software developers to 300 by next spring. Imaginnovate indicated it would deploy its engineers with transportation and logistics companies automating operations.

Imaginnovate names 10-year Logistics executive as a senior advisor

Software creator adds Kyler Ford as strategist for logistics/transport sector


Software innovator Imaginnovate today appointed Kyler Ford as a senior advisor, to provide long term strategic guidance to its new Logistics Studio business unit, after spending a decade in freight technology uncovering large technology gaps within the transportation and logistics industry.

Imaginnovate launches Logistics Studio

Software maker’s latest effort to streamline transport and logistics sector


Imaginnovate said its new business unit would provide Digital Strategy, Technology Roadmap, and Digital Solutions for supply chain clients. The tech developer said its goal is to liberate companies from cumbersome manual processes that hinder operations.

Imaginnovate enhances Fleet Enable to take guesswork out of final mile

Predictive Scheduling controls shipments; 3rd software breakthrough in ‘21

SAN DIEGO, CA, DEC. 6, 2021

Logistics software creator Imaginnovate today introduced its third technology breakthrough for final-mile deliveries in 2021. The company said its new Predictive Scheduling feature would become part of recently released Fleet Enable to eliminate guesswork for white glove carriers transporting shipments to customers.

Imaginnovate streamlines back office for final-mile carriers

Software to manage invoice/billing; it speeds payments, cash flow.

NOVEMBER 10, 2021

Logistics technology creator Imaginnovate said today it has developed back-office automation for final-mile delivery carriers. The software innovator said its Dynamic Rating Engine would digitize everything from rate agreements to invoicing and driver payments. Imaginnovate said the technology would become part of Fleet Enable, its office automation platform for final-mile trucking firms.

Imaginnovate partners with eTrac to streamline final-mile

Tech firms to help shippers connect with carriers through seamless integration.

NOVEMBER 01, 2021

Logistics technology innovators Imaginnovate and eTrac today announced a partnership intended to further automate final-mile shipment delivery. Imaginnovate said its Fleet Enable software would link with eTrac’s data integration platform to connect shippers and carriers. Both companies said the partnership would streamline the burgeoning market for deliveries to home or office.

Imaginnovate onboards industry veterans for Fleet Enable final-mile software push

John Coussa named Sales VP, Randy Mullett Senior Advisor to grow new division

SEPTEMBER 09, 2021

Last mile logistics platform provider Imaginnovate today named two veteran transportation industry executives to help drive product development and strategy as it builds out its software portfolio for final-mile delivery providers.

Imaginnovate rolls out final-mile software breakthrough

Tech upstart creates system to help manage $50 billion delivery market

SEPTEMBER 01, 2021

An emerging freight transport software innovator today introduced breakthrough technology targeting a frenzied growth market: final-mile delivery. Eight-year-old Imaginnovate said its new product – Fleet Enable – automates how carriers plan, schedule, optimize and deliver “White Glove” shipments to final-mile customers

White Paper

Freight Tech Workforce

The key to future proofing your business

Businesses across every aspect of the supply chain have continued to struggle with transitioning their operations into a new, more digital future while navigating rapidly shifting markets, and consumer trends. Demand continues to fluctuate and labor costs have increased exponentially, particularly for highly skilled positions.
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Case Study

Dynamic Pricing Engine

Leading 3PL Automates Rate Calculations, Raises Efficiency, and Reduces Costs

In today’s challenging freight market, there’s no room for inefficient lane pricing processes. That’s what one non-asset-based North American 3PL came to Logistics Studio by Imaginnovate to solve.
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